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To assist Competitors in preparing for events, NABBA/WFF Australia have published the details of the Judging Criteria which covers all of the categories for both NABBA and WFF competitions. 

An on-line version of this document is accessible from the following summaries.

Terminology - Competitors need to become familiar with the Terminology for body building as viewed by the Judges.

Mr Physique/Athletic Rounds - Mr Physique/Athletic competitors present to the judges in four rounds. The specific details of these rounds can be read here.

Ms Physique Rounds - Ms Physique competitors present to the judges in four rounds. This class should be conducted using the same principles as the Mr Physique/Athletic Rounds, excluding the most muscular pose, ensure that competitors retain the sleek Feminine lines expected of a female athlete.

Ms Figure/Athletic Rounds - Ms Figure/Athletic competitors present to the judges in three rounds. The specific details can be read here.

Bikini/Fitness/Aerobics Rounds - Ms Bikini & Ms-Mr Fitness/Aerobics competitors present to judges in either one or two rounds. The specifics of the rounds can be read here.

Compulsory Poses - There are eight Compulsory poses for the Mens Physique. They are all listed here. Other competition categories will identify which of the compulsory poses are required for that category, but their descriptions will be the same as for the Mens Physique. Compulsory Poses also shows a set of images for both men and women to demonstrate the appearance of the pose.

For Health and Safety reasons it is forbidden for athletes to have posing routines which include lying on the floor.