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ALL Female Division

The criteria in the Women's "Ms Figure & Ms Athletic" differs from the "Ms Physique" class in that symmetry, shape & proportion attract more significance than muscularity & size.

A firm, toned, "Feminine" physique is called for although there should be some degree of Muscularity & Muscular Separation.

Stage Presentation takes an increased importance in these classes as poise and confidence enhance the feminine athletes appeal, a quality over quantity distinction.

    All NABBA/WFF Ms Figure & Ms Athletic Classes will be judged over three rounds.
  1. Free Posing Round 90 sec Routine.
  2. Symmetry Round Quarter Turns
  3. Comparison Round Compulsory Poses

1. Free Posing Round

Each competitor will perform a 90 second routine to music to display her figure, physical conditioning and overall presentation. Theatrical Props may be used. The emphasis must be on feminine shape and proportion, whilst retaining a “trained look” and low body fat levels, but not carrying development to an extreme that could be classed as unfeminine. It should not have the degree of development, definition, separation or striation of the female Physique competitor.

Elegance, femininity and poise are essential as is skin tone and artistic presentation. The overall appeal and entertainment value will be considered in the judging process.

2. Symmetry Round

All competitors will present on stage in numerical order facing the judges. The head judge will call heels together facing the front. A series of quarter turns will follow. Competitors will be viewed from the left side, from the back, from the right side and from the front. Twisting is preferred on the left and right sides. Judging will be based on overall symmetry shape and muscle definition.

3. Comparison Round

    Five poses make up the comparison round.
  1. Front double biceps with open hand no fist.
  2. Side chest
  3. Side triceps
  4. Back double biceps
  5. Abdominal and thighs

All competitors will execute the nominated pose simultaneously. All posing is performed with open hands. The judges will be looking for overall conditioning of the muscles on display.

4: Posedown

In this round all competitors perform together in a group posing to background music which allows the head judge to tally the score card. The Top 3 winners are awarded immediately on stage and the 1st place winner only is invited to contest the Overall event later in the program.